Hand Crafted Awards - top five in each class

23 Super Classes
The top five competitors are given awards in each class, plus overall novice,  overall figure, overall men's and overall women's winners.

Men's Novice Light
Men's Novice Heavy
Men's Juniors 21 YOA or under
Men's Masters 40-49
Men's Masters 50 and over
Men's Masters 60 and over
Men's Open Light Weight - up to 152
Men's Open Middle 153-172 
Men's Open Light Heavy 173-192
Men's Open Heavy 193 and over
Mr. Spartanburg (One Class)
Men's Physique - Class A
Men's Physique - Class B
Women's Masters 35-49
Women's Masters 50 and over
Women's Open Light 115 and under
Women's Open Heavy 116 and over
Women's Figure - Class A
Women's Figure - Class B
Women's Figure - Class C
Women's Masters Figure 40+
Women's Masters Figure 50+
Mrs. Spartanburg (One Class)
Bikini - Class A
Bikini - Class B
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